4 Books To Inspire Our Youth

There’s no greater gift than the gift of knowledge, especially in the form of the written word. Taking the time to share a good book with our youth is one way we can inspire them for their future and encourage them to make impact. Reading to children is also scientifically proven to improve their cognitive skills and self-development overall. Check out these four books that I love sharing with any children that I get the pleasure to meet.

  1. “I Am Human” by Susan Verde — This picture book is a part of a wonderful collection written by Susan Verde that highlights the possibilities that all humans are capable of. In this book, the idea of being your best self is explained through the connections that we feel around us. By making sure to seize each opportunity we are given, it shows us how to act with compassion and empathy towards others and ourselves. This book inspires youth and adults alike to become changers.

Teaching our youth the importance of love and compassion is one of the many things that they will carry on with them for a lifetime. It’s a beautiful thing to see the eyes of inspiration and motivation in our youth. We must continue to guide them through the steppingstones of life and provide gifts of knowledge through the written word. Reading to our youth is one way that we can continue to bond and connect with them. Join us in becoming a Changer and discover even more ways to discover how to make impact in the lives of your children and your community.



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Beverly Adams

Beverly Adams is a powerhouse, humanitarian, thought leader and visionary inspiring people to know the profound power of making impact on someone else’s life.