4 Simple Ways To Show Appreciation For Those Around You

Oftentimes, life’s hectic twists and turns can feel too overwhelming. All around us, people are dealing with unexpected events, friends and loved ones moving away, shifts in employment and much more. Through it all, it can be an easy first instinct to emotionally retract and socially isolate; however, we can help people through their most challenging times just by letting them know how much we care. Whether it’s your neighbor, best friend, roommate, partner, family member or even a stranger, taking the time to show others your appreciation pays dividends for both the giver and receiver. Learn these four simple ways that you can show your appreciation to others to get started:

  1. Feed the Soul — For me, my mom’s chicken pot pie recipe is my absolute favorite comfort food. When I was a little girl, she would make it for me any time I was sad or upset. Each time, any weight would lift off my shoulders immediately with the very first bite I took. Similarly, cooking a meal for someone can display a deep level of personal affection. Even if someone is going through a challenging time and wants to be alone, you can always whip up their favorite dish and leave it at their front door for a surprise treat. This simple gesture can make the biggest impact on others by showing your appreciation for them.

It is often said that “big things come in small packages,” and making impact is no exception to that rule. Practicing everyday acts of kindness, no matter how small, will make lasting impact on the lives of those around you.

What are some ways you show appreciation for others? Share with me in the comments below, then read more about how making impact benefits both the giver and receiver.



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Beverly Adams

Beverly Adams is a powerhouse, humanitarian, thought leader and visionary inspiring people to know the profound power of making impact on someone else’s life.