5 Stories About Everyday Heroes Who Make Lasting Impact Through Giving

I believe that anyone can make impact on a daily basis. When you become more aware of the small ways that you can show kindness in your daily life, you can also focus on effecting positive change for others. As changers, we have the power to unite the world by awakening a “pass it forward” culture, and it starts with just one random act of kindness — even if it’s something as effortless as gifting a toothy smile and a wave to a stranger.

Check out just a few of the many examples of real-life changers who are out there making big waves of impact in our communities, from a young writer to ‘Today’ show star Hoda Kotb.

1. “The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse”

When she was only seven years old, Sophie Noelle Lynn became the original “Anonymouse” when she asked her mother if she could help with a random-acts-of-kindness project involving writing sweet notes featuring a friendly cartoon mouse. From there, what started as an effort to lift the spirits of one local janitor evolved into an entire “Anonymouse” movement. Read more about how this one action sparked a lifelong passion of giving through sharing with children the importance of making impact with small, everyday gestures.

2. New Yorker Nurses a Pigeon Back to Health

Get out the tissues, because this story is a tearjerker. A selfless New Yorker was riding his bike in lower Manhattan when he noticed an injured pigeon. With no expectation of praise nor reward, he took the wounded pigeon back to his small apartment to nurse it back to health. Learn how he changed this pigeon’s life forever by making it feel as safe as he could on its road to recovery.

3. Chicago Friends Give 70-Year-Old Father’s Day to Remember

A 70-year-old popsicle seller, Rosario Del Real, was pushing his cart around a Chicago neighborhood when two friends decided to try their hardest to give him a Father’s Day to remember. They purchased every single popsicle in his inventory so he could spend time at home with family for the holiday; but, the friends didn’t stop there. They utilized the power of Making Impact by raising money to help the popsicle seller retire and ended up gifting over $62,000 in donations to him. Read more about how these everyday people made a difference that will last a lifetime in this heartwarming story.

4. Two 10-Year-Old Best Friends Bake Dog Treats to Raise Money for Food Pantry

One of my favorite quotes will always be: “Every day, opportunities to give love are abundant if we open our eyes to look for them.” These two 10-year-old best friends in Milton, Massachusetts, are living proof of the truth behind that statement. Meet Daniel Grant and Max Caponigro, who are baking homemade dog treats multiple times a week to raise money on behalf of a local food pantry. Their mission is to help ensure that the local food pantry is equipped with enough resources to help all those who are hungry. Keep up with Daniel and Max to learn how much money they’ve already raised throughout their philanthropic efforts so far.

5. COVID-19 Frontline Heroes Tie the Knot on the TODAY Show

Health care heroes Vanessa Baral and Herwyn Silva were on the hospital frontlines protecting New York City and the nation against COVID-19 when both contracted the contagious virus due to exposure as nurses. They have since both recovered, and when the TODAY show’s Hoda Kotb heard about the pair, she couldn’t resist helping them pull off the wedding of a lifetime. Watch Hoda officiate the wedding ceremony (with social distancing top of mind) for these incredibly courageous lovebirds.

As always, it’s important to remember that making impact is a two-way street. By doing good for others, you can do even more for your own life’s fulfillment. Join me in the movement of making impact and learn how you can become a Changer by turning small, everyday acts of kindness into BIG results for your community.



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Beverly Adams

Beverly Adams is a powerhouse, humanitarian, thought leader and visionary inspiring people to know the profound power of making impact on someone else’s life.