How To Give Back To Your Community During The Pandemic

It’s hard to believe that we are now one year into the COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives have been changed in so many ways, but throughout all of the hardship that the past year brought, we have seen so many stories of good. Our ability to make impact in our community has remained unchanged; however we have to be creative in finding new ways to safely engage. Living through the history that is COVID-19 has been a socially isolating experience, and I know that we can all use this time to connect in our community. Join me and spread the love that this season brings through creative new ways and help us overcome these challenging times to make our communities stronger.

Read on for 5 ways to give back to your community in a pandemic.

Virtual Volunteering — If you find yourself missing the experience of volunteering for others in-person, there are plenty of online resources available to help you get back into the swing of service. Virtual Volunteers, for example, is a free online community of people like us willing to volunteer their time to a wide range of organizations. Not only is this a great way to get involved, but you can also invite your friends and make impact with a fun virtual event!

Donate Food to Your Local Food Shelter — I think we’re all guilty of it: storing those few unused cans of soup, or the odd package of rice in the back of our pantries for a “rainy day”. If you don’t plan on eating this food any time soon, don’t let it go to waste. Instead, think about what a difference that food will make to a person struggling to feed themselves on a consistent basis. Food really is fuel, and you can make impact on those who are struggling by giving away a few cans of nonperishable items to those who need it most.

Donate Money to COVID-19 Relief Organizations — One positive thing to come from the current state of our world is an increase in nonprofit organizations and their global impact on underserved communities. Do you have the ability to give money, but not the time to help others in-person? If you are able to donate, even the smallest amount can go a long way towards helping an organization you feel passionate about. If you are uncertain about what nonprofit to put your financial resources towards and where the money is going, do your research! I’ve included a helpful link here.

Give Blood– According to a 2020 press release from the American Red Cross, the need for blood donations has not decreased due to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. They encourage all healthy individuals to consider donating blood. You can schedule a blood donation appointment with the Red Cross today.

Make Care Packages for your Food Delivery Workers — I want you to close your eyes and picture your Friday night in the current socially distanced world we live in. You feel too tired to cook and dinner plans most likely include contactless takeout. You tip your delivery driver generously, but why not go that extra mile? Place a basket full of healthy snacks, water bottles, and mini hand sanitizer bottles outside your front door. Your local food delivery drivers from your favorite restaurants work hard and this is a significant way to show them your appreciation.

Progress in the fight against COVID-19 is happening slowly but surely. Rather than wondering what you can do for others, put yourself out there and see what works for you! Comment below with your own giving back experiences or ideas for other ways to serve your community. We truly are all in this together.



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Beverly Adams

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